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Yummy Thailand

"Gokfayuen serves delicious, authentic and reasonably priced Hong Kong fare..." - Bangkok Post

"Users' Choice 2016, 2017" - Wongnai

"This late-night joint delivers a winning mixture of no-frills comfort food and reasonable prices..." - BK Magazine

"This new place has gone to great lengths to recreate classic Hong Kong dishes in Bangkok..." - Lonely Planet

"From the Canadian flour, to duck eggs, to the huge noodle-making machine on show at his shop, Donald left no stone unturned in his quest to make the perfect noodle..." - Stranger In Bangkok

"古き良き時代を体現。本場の香港麺を堪能..." - WiSE Magazine

"Gokfayuen ร้านบะหมี่สูตรฮ่องกงแท้ๆ..." - Born To Be Foodies

"GOKFAYUEN บะหมี่ เกี๊ยว แบบฮ่องกง @ ทองหล่อ ซอย 9" - OverEat@Pantip

"曼谷旅人的家鄉味" - 尼克。泰國。流浪看

"Noodles are common in Bangkok but very few shops serve authentic Hong Kong-style strings..." - Foodie's Favorites

"Kalo nanti jalan-jalan ke Bangkok lagi harus...kudu coba Sabx!" - Ms Always Hungry