Dear Foodie,

Thank you for visiting Gokfayuen. Every dish you are about to taste is inspired by my best mealtime memories in Hong Kong - my home town. Many customers thought I brought HK chefs all the way to Thailand to make these authentic dishes, in fact I just did my homework through researches from books, internet & most importantly my taste buds. Eventually I developed into recipes from 
many rounds of trails & errors (2 years). 
Action & Enthusiasm makes things happen!

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If you enjoy the food & hospitality from my team, I hope you can spare some time to write a review for us either on Wongnai or Tripadvisor. I will personally tip my team 100THB per review for 4 stars & 150THB for 5 stars. Therefore your generous support by writing us a review will be a very meaningful gratitude to my team.

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If you don’t like our food…
Unfortunately if you feel the opposite such as lousy service, horrible food & etc… please talk to me via our Fackbook page messenger or email. I will do whatever I can to fix the problem and gain back your confidence. Besides, you are always welcomed to contact me if you have any suggestions. 

Happy slurping!
Donald Woo